Miami Marlins Fire Larry Beinfest

September 27, 2013 Posted by Frank M

The Beinfest Shuffle, shuffles off Beinfest.

The Miami Marlins have fired their President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest.

The man seemed indestructible for a decade. He survived the destruction of the 2003 Championship team. He survived the implosion of the expensive 2012 Super Team. He even survived trading away this generation’s Babe Ruth, Triple-Crown-Winner Miguel Cabrera, and getting nothing in return.
(Seriously, not a player from that trade remains on the team, nor did they do anything worthwhile while they were here.)

And on top of that, for a decade he was plagued with embarrassingly low- anemic attendance.

What would have gotten nearly any other baseball executive fired and laughed out of the sport did nothing to this man, but only seemed to spook the crap out of discerning Marlins fan who came to the terrifying conclusion that Beinfest was unkillable. Some dark forces were at work here indeed.

In the end he was done in by Jeffrey Loria’s ego, saysthe Herald’s Clark Spencer. Reports have been floating around that Loria has become increasingly meddlesome in the day to day operations of the team.

“I have relieved Larry Beinfest of his duties so he may pursue other opportunities,” Loria said to the daily.

The Marlins finished the season by crossing the 100-loss line. According to MLB.Com, sources claim the Marlins will hold on to Giancarlo Stanton next season, but will not significantly raise their low payroll.

So in other words: all fixed!

H/T NewTimes for the Mlb bit


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