SunPost: A March for Answers

March 17, 2014 Posted by Frank M

By Frank Maradiaga for the Miami SunPost

On the Monday after the cause of death for Israel “Reefa” Hernandez was released, Jorge Estomba lead a group of about a dozen activists, lined up in pairs, inside the building of the Miami State Attorney’s Office.

Some held up peace signs for the benefit of the television cameras recording around them, others a defiant fist, but all were quiet as they unloaded their possessions on a conveyer belt and passed through a metal detector.

Estomba is a little older than the average Justice for Reefa Committee member, he has stark white hair and a countenance that can easily change from heartbroken to outraged. He is a friend and a spokesman for the Hernandez family; he is the fire and brimstone for a family in grief.

He is also getting used to marching inside the SAO building for answers. As well as calling Medical Examiner Mark Shuman MD, for answers.

“We are almost friends at this point,” Estomba jokes bitterly.

Bitter at the fruitlessness.

The recent Justice For Reefa marches into the SAO building have ended similarly: with quick lip service, and no new information.

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