SunPost: One Man’s push for a Latin Music Hall of Fame

July 11, 2013 Posted by Frank M

By Frank Maradiaga

For the last two weeks Roger Abramson has been brimming with excitement. The well-known beach resident has been walking around with an idea that he believes would make Miami Beach even more of a tourist destination.

He wants to establish a Latin Music Hall of Fame. The International Latin Music Museum and Hall of Fame to be more precise.

“It should be in South Florida,” Abramson told the SunPost, “where it belongs.”

He believes it’s a matter of time before some place like San Antonio or Puerto Rico does it, and that the South Florida market is the natural place.

Abramson is quick to point out the many latin music super stars who live among us like Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Enrique and Julio Iglesias, Pit Bull, Jon Secada, and Rudy Perez to name a few, and the natural fit they could have with a local museum. At the moment none of these names are attached to this project.

“I have spoken to many people,” he says of the Latin Music Community, city commissioners, and just general people who all think it’s a “wonderful idea,” but he won’t divulge their names without their prior consent.

Also his push for partnerships won’t officially begin until a couple of weeks from now when he returns to the city from a northern trip.

For now he is getting his idea out, and eventually it will turn to a formal proposal to the City of Miami Beach.

From talks the SunPost has had with him and in releases Abramson has sent out, it appears his first choice for the venue is the Jackie Gleason Theater.

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